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Shannon Picks Up State Senate Supporters


4 Oklahoma City Area State Senators Back T.W. Shannon’s U.S. Senate Bid

LAWTON, OK (May 21, 2014) — Conservative Oklahoma state Senators David Holt (District 30), Kyle Loveless (District 45), Rob Johnson (District 22), and Ralph Shortey (District 44) today endorsed T.W. Shannon for U.S. Senate.

“Addressing our nation’s unprecedented challenges will require the kind of consensus we have rarely enjoyed the last three decades,” Senator Holt said. “Building that consensus will demand extraordinary leaders who can relate to the America of 2014. T.W. represents a new generation of leadership. He stands for common sense fiscal conservatism and free market values. He has a proven record of success as Oklahoma’s Speaker of the House. He is an Oklahoman, born and raised. He is a principled man of faith supported by a loving family. He has demonstrated his willingness to do what must be done, even if it makes some special interests uncomfortable.”

Senator Loveless said, “Having worked in Washington, D.C., and now as a state senator, I have worked with and known T.W. Shannon for over ten years. He is a conservative stalwart. He is a leader, he is a great dad, and he led the effort to ensure that those on welfare that were able-bodied had to work to get their benefits. As a small business owner, we need leaders like T.W. who have a background in business and who understand the burden the federal government is to economic growth in Oklahoma. He will be an excellent U.S. Senator for Oklahoma, I am proud to endorse T.W. Shannon for the U.S. Senate.”

“I have worked closely with T.W. in the legislature,” Senator Johnson said. “He’s a true conservative and a man of faith, vision and character. T.W. is a natural leader and we need him to bring that leadership and vision to Washington, D.C., as our next U.S. Senator.”

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Speaker Shannon on many conservative issues,” Senator Shortey said. “Not only have I been impressed by his strong conservative principles but also by his leadership in advancing those principles. Whether it was by creating the States’ Rights Committee or standing against increasing bonded indebtedness in our state, T.W. has shown constant conservative leadership. I believe he is the conservative leader we need in the U.S. Senate and am honored to offer my support and endorsement.”

“Though still just a candidate,” said Senator Holt, “T.W. Shannon has already captured the imaginations of Oklahomans and Americans across the nation, and this is nothing for which he should apologize. T.W. possesses the rare gifts that make great leaders. T.W. Shannon is the man for this moment. It is an absolute certainty that he will be a national leader immediately upon his election. Our party needs that leader. Our nation needs that leader. Oklahoma can deliver that leader.”

“I’m humbled to receive the endorsements of my colleagues in the Senate,” Shannon said. “As conservative legislators we worked together in the fight to reduce debt, cut spending and reform welfare for Oklahoma.”

Senator David Holt represents District 30 (Oklahoma County)

Senator Kyle Loveless represents District 45 (Canadian, Cleveland and Oklahoma Counties)

Senator Rob Johnson represents District 22 (Canadian and Oklahoma Counties)

Senator Ralph Shortey represents District 44 (Canadian and Oklahoma Counties)

Senators Holt, Loveless, Johnson and Shortey join forty-seven current Republican House members who are supporting their colleague and former Speaker of the House in his bid for the United States Senate:

Representatives Don Armes; John Bennett; Gus Blackwell; David Brumbaugh; Dennis Casey; Mike Christian; Bobby Cleveland; Ann Coody; Lee Denney; David Derby; Jon Echols; Katie Henke; Arthur Hulbert; Mike Jackson; Dennis Johnson; Charlie Joyner; Dan Kirby; Scott Martin; Steve Martin; Charles McCall; Mark McCullough; Randy McDaniel; Skye McNiel; Lewis Moore; Jason Murphey; Tom Newell; Jadine Nollan; Terry O’Donnell; Leslie Osborn; Pat Ownbey; Pam Peterson; Marty Quinn; Dustin Roberts; Todd Russ; Mike Sanders; Colby Schwartz; Earl Sears; Jason Smalley; Aaron Stiles; Todd Thomsen; John Trebilcock; Steve Vaughan; Ken Walker; Weldon Watson; Paul Wesselhoft; Justin Wood; and Harold Wright.


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