Tulsa World: Kevin Stitt, A Better Agent of Change

Tulsa World endorsement: In the race for governor, Kevin Stitt is the better agent of change
From World’s Editorial Writers

For the past three weeks, the Tulsa World has been hosting a governor’s debate in written form.
The campaigns of Republican candidate Kevin Stitt and Democratic Party nominee Drew Edmondson have supplied arguments for their candidates on the critical questions of education improvement, economic growth and leadership. In today’s paper, the candidates themselves make their closing arguments to the voters of Oklahoma.

Both are promising the same thing: change.

Edmondson says Republicans have had complete control of the state Capitol for eight years, and the results have been four-day school weeks, teachers fleeing to other states, overcrowded prisons, sick hospitals and sicker people.

Stitt looks at an even longer swath of Oklahoma history and says we’ve elected the same group of people with the same inside-the-Capitol resumés for generations, and we find ourselves in last place in all the lists where we should be first.

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