OKLAHOMAN: Kevin Stitt Deserves Nod in OK Governor’s Race

Kevin Stitt deserves nod in Oklahoma governor’s race

IN this year’s gubernatorial race, the major parties have nominated two very different, but accomplished, men.

Republican Kevin Stitt is a political outsider who has achieved impressive private-sector success. He promises to apply business expertise to management of government, free from the pressures of status-quo affiliation.

Democratic candidate Drew Edmondson has had a long and successful career as a public servant, most notably 16 years as attorney general. He promises to bring a steady hand to government and touts his knowledge and expertise as a political plus.

Both are serious men and credible candidates. Deciding between the two therefore requires weighing which man has the greatest potential upside and appears most likely to lead Oklahoma in a new and better direction. On that basis, The Oklahoman believes Stitt is the better candidate.

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