Sooner Survey: Oklahomans Ready to Modernize Beer & Wine Laws

Oklahomans Ready to Modernize Beer & Wine Laws
By: Pat McFerron, President, Cole Hargrave Snodgrass and Associates, Inc.

A recent study reveals Oklahoma voters are beginning to clamor for changes in laws governing where beer and wine can be sold. We have seen substantial change since last looking at this issue in July of 2013. It is clear; the urban growth in Oklahoma, the explosion of the craft beer scene and a general mood for modernization is starting to sweep the state. Voters are now ready to both get rid of the state’s 3.2 beer designation and to allow for the sale of wine in grocery stores.

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When asked a simple question about whether or not wine should be available in grocery stores, 64% of Oklahoma voters answer in the affirmative while less than a third (31%) say they are opposed. What is striking is how much the numbers have changed in less than two years. In July of 2013, we asked the same question and while we still saw majority support (52% favor vs. 42% oppose) it had substantially less support than we see today. Much of this change has occurred in the Oklahoma City media market and among registered Republicans. Today, 60% of Republican primary voters favor allowing wine to be sold in grocery stores.

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