Parker: ‘Wanting To Lead’ Are Oklahoma Values, Not ‘Tearing Down People’

Dear Editor,

Today, I was made aware of an organization called Oklahoma Values who set out to raise money and air derogatory commercials about a man running for Governor. This organization, not part of any campaign, feels the need to make sure all of Oklahoma hears bad things about a candidate for Governor. Is this really an “Oklahoma Value”? Maybe a political value, but I don’t think it is an Oklahoma value at all. What is more concerning is tracking back these dark money groups to local Oklahoma City people who happen to all be part of the same group of folks who are active in local and state politics. Again, nothing about this seems to say “Oklahoma Value” to me.

The fact is, all of the candidates for Governor are crisscrossing the state telling their story. They are taking time away from wife’s, kids, grandkids and friends. Their professional live’s are on hold, and they spend every day listening to people complain, or working phones asking for money. None of this sounds like anything I would like to do. I commend all of the men running for Governor and thank them for wanting to lead this state. THAT is an Oklahoma Value. Not tearing down people just because they are different or pose a threat to your good ol’ boys club.

I hope that Mr. Cornett will publicly ask this group to stay out of this election unless they can say something positive. As our moms used to say – if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. Listen to your momma.

Craig Parker
VP Of Silver Star Construction and the
National President of the National Asphalt Pavement Association

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