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Oklahoma GOP Rings Alarm On Potential Ethics Violations Before Election Day

Campaign Violations Explode Before Election Day
For immediate release: November 06, 2018

The Oklahoma Republican Party is alerting the public to a number of questionable campaign tactics by Democrats.

Oklahoma City, OK— 11/06/18 — Chairman Pam Pollard stated today, “I am shocked by the number of reported instances of campaign violations immediately before the elections. I have personally received numerous mailers on behalf of Democrat candidates that did not have the proper financial disclosure.”

“Campaigns are regulated by the State Ethics Commission and the rules are clearly posted online. Rule 2.56. Candidate Committee Printed Advertisements Disclosure Requirements specifically addresses the proper way to identify who paid for the campaign material. Unfortunately, the public cannot discern if the statements were made by the candidate, their opponent or by an organization supporting or opposing a candidate without the disclosure,” explained Pollard. (see example #1)

One of the more egregious examples of questionable campaigning submitted to the Republican State Chairman is an apparent communication between a group making independent expenditures and the candidate. (see example #2)

Another seemingly unethical tactic is the OK Education Assn offering chances to win tickets to a Thunder game in exchange for pictures of your I-Voted sticker. (see example #3)

Chairman Pollard concluded, “The current system of enforcement of campaign violations does not protect the public and voters from hidden donors nor misleading advertisements. Elections can be won or lost by these highly questionable tactics. It is most unfortunate that so many Democrat candidates and left-leaning groups have not followed the rules.”





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