Horn’s “Pelosi Ping-Pong”

An OKIE Observation
August 29, 2019

Most political pundits were perplexed, but not necessarily surprised when Kendra Horn won Congressional District 5 in Central Oklahoma. In a “wave” election year you will see some seats that were not supposed to be competitive or even close, flip parties due to national and local indicators. The question is, can Kendra Horn carve a moderate path with a more and more liberal Democrat party?

We saw on the NBC Affiliate in Oklahoma City this past weekend, KFOR, the political show “Flashpoint” where Horn was pressed by former GOP Lt. Governor Todd Lamb, now a host on the show, regarding her first vote in Congress for Nancy Pelosi.  Time and time again, it seems as if Congresswoman Horn is just not comfortable with that vote and with time it becomes harder and harder for her to explain back home in Oklahoma.

Take that awkward exchange and balance its substance to earlier this August recess when, after pressure from social media ads deployed by the Consumer Coalition of Oklahoma (a Pro-Stitt C4),  Horn signed a letter with other swing-district Democrats across the country asking Pelosi to put USMCA on the floor for a vote.

Immigration, Green New Deal, Defense spending, and a myriad of other issues continue to put Horn in a perpetual game of Ping-Pong from appeasing the Speaker of the House to appealing with her GOP-leaning constituents. We haven’t really even gotten into the Democrat Presidential primaries… Would Horn support a nominee who wants to get rid of fossil fuels? That would be crushing to her re-election chances in Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry heavy 5th district.

BIG QUESTION: Can Horn survive her continual game of Ping-Pong or will she get spiked trying to be everyone’s friend?

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