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BREAKING: State Supremes Toss Tax Repeal Petition, Taxpayers May Have Another Shot

Supreme Court throws out tax repeal petition

The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Friday threw out a petition seeking to repeal recent tax increases, ruling that it was misleading and fatally flawed.

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite!, which has been circulating petitions to force a statewide vote on the tax hikes, now has less than than a month to file a new petition and gather more than 41,000 signatures. The deadline is July 18.

In their decision, justices said nothing prevents the group “from filing a new referendum petition, without the deficiencies identified today, and restarting the process of referendum.”

The Supreme Court – siding with groups that included the Oklahoma Education Association and the Oklahoma State School Boards Association – ruled that the petition being circulated was misleading and incomplete.

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One thought on “BREAKING: State Supremes Toss Tax Repeal Petition, Taxpayers May Have Another Shot

  • ROFL the first tax takes effect July 1 and the next Aug . and you cannot roll back what has already been taken . so the dummies that presented this case sounded like a bunch of clutches standing in front of the justices , they stumbled all over them selves , were not even prepared and from where I was seated , looked like a bunch of fools . so teachers get their raises , we get higher taxes , Mary Fallin saves her hotel and motel from paying higher costs ( taxes ) and everything is just lovely in the state .Oh and Coborn your team was a disgrace.


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