Baressi Defends District Grading System

Oklahoma state schools Superintendent Janet Barresi toured the Norman School District on Friday, then answered questions about the new A-F school grading system, school safety and other issues in a community forum at Norman North High School.

By Jane Glenn Cannon | Published: February 9, 2013

NORMAN — State schools Superintendent Janet Barresi defended the A-F school grading system and addressed school safety Friday in a community forum at Norman North High School as part of a tour of the Norman School District.

The school report cards based on an A-F grading system are meant to be helpful, not punitive, Barresi said. “It is a way to report to you about the performance of students,” she said. “It is not finger-pointing. It has nothing to do with getting rid of teachers. No teachers, no principals or superintendents are fired because of it.”

The report card system is a way to identify areas that need improvement so improvements can be made, Barresi said.


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