2018 Governor’s Race: Who’s Favored?
from McCarville Report

In three years, Oklahoma voters will select a new governor and although that election seems far distant, the speculation about Republican candidates is rampant.

Will Attorney General Scott Pruitt run? Congressman Jim Bridenstine? Lt. Governor Todd Lamb? How about Treasurer Ken Miller? How about Insurance Commissioner John Doak? How about…? The list goes on and on. But the three most often heard are those in focus today, Pruitt, Bridenstine, Lamb. The race likely will be hotly contested with numerous candidates and a likely runoff for the GOP nomination.

Any of those three could mount a formidable campaign and two of them, Lamb and Pruitt, are in the statewide public eye almost constantly with appearances, speeches and news releases.
How do voters view those three potential contenders?

To find out, The McCarville Report commissioned Bill Shapard’s SoonerPoll to ask about the 2018 governor’s race and he did so, in his most recent sampling of public opinion on numerous issues.

Jim Bridenstine ~ 18.8%
Todd Lamb ~ 32.6%
Scott Pruitt ~ 16.4%
Undecided ~ 32.2%

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