EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Addresses Democrat Accusations Of Ethics Violations
via Radio.FoxNews.com

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt joined Brian Kilmeade to address the accusations by democrats that he is violating ethics rules by attending a GOP fundraiser. Pruitt also discussed pulling out of the Paris Climate accords, lifting the federal coal ban and America taking a leadership role in new technology.

(Kilmeade) “So real quick I know you’re in the news about possibly attending a GOP fundraiser which would be an ethics violation that Senator Sheldon Whitehouse brought up of Rhode Island, what could you tell us about that director?”

(PRUITT) “Well we were invited to attend and actually the ethics office at the EPA actually approved of my attendance. What happened was the folks that invited me sent out an invitation, post that approval, that didn’t comply with federal law and federal ethics law so we’re not going to be able to attend because of the invitation. It was sent out, but it was actually approved in advance by our EPA ethics office, but it was just what happened afterwards that prevented my attendance.”

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