Jim Inhofe: They love me, they love me not

By TIM MAK | 6/27/13 5:13 AM EDT

Jim Inhofe just wants to be loved.

The top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee is well-known for being provocative — he opposes women in combat, opposed the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” and claims that global warming is a “hoax” — but his ideological purity masks a deeper sensitivity about his place among colleagues.

Speaking about Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), his predecessor as the committee’s ranking member, Inhofe muses that the former Republican presidential nominee might not like him.

“John — he does change, from day to day, in terms of his position with me. Some days I get the impression that he really doesn’t care for me,” Inhofe says. “John is a little erratic in some of his treatment of people, including me.”

How much of that is oversensitivity? Asked about their relationship, McCain said that Inhofe is doing an “excellent job” as the committee’s top Republican, and that he has “great respect” for the Oklahoman.

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