Oklahoma’s budget crisis raises concerns about family service organizations
By Mercy Adhiambo

Floyd Bunett leans toward the bassinet where his 1-year-old great-granddaughter lays and grabs her toes. He playfully tickles her feet and she lets out a loud chuckle that makes his wrinkled face light up with glee.

“She is so beautiful. I love looking at her because she is a very happy child,” said 69-year-old Floyd.

Next to him are identical twin girls tugging at his pants, trying to get his attention. He turns to them and directs them to play with the many toys all over the room. The pair run toward their mother who is sorting through a rack of baby clothes across them.

They are at Infant Crisis Services Inc. in Oklahoma City where Floyd’s granddaughter, Candice Croutcher, is collecting food, diapers and other necessities for her babies.

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