OCPA releases a state budget that respects your family budget


Yesterday, OCPA released its FY-2014 Budget Book, which contains our recommendations for the state’s appropriated budget for the upcoming fiscal year. It’s a budget that respects your family budget by focusing spending on core services and allowing for a modest tax cut that does not increase the tax burden for any Oklahoman. A real tax cut for Oklahomans is deserved and necessary, especially since the federal government increased taxes for most Oklahomans this year—while total state tax collections, sales taxes, and state government spending are at all-time highs. Given that Oklahomans are foregoing at least two percent of their paychecks due to the payroll tax hike, we think it is completely reasonable for Oklahoma to focus on core services, eliminate unjustifiable expenditures, and cut appropriations by a little less than two percent, so citizens can keep more of the fruits of their own labor.

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