Education Savings Accounts are worth the fight

Rep. Tom Newell, Guest Opinion

EDMOND — Throughout the course of a legislative session, many bills are proposed, discussed and voted on. Lots of times, good bills pass and become law. Sometimes, good bills focused on important topics do not make it to law. For one reason or another, it just didn’t receive the votes. That can even happen to measures that have widespread support.

Take last week, for example. That’s when House Bill 3398 was voted down in the Appropriations and Budget Committee. The measure would have created the Oklahoma Education Savings Act, a program designed to empower parents to direct the education of their children.

It’s a great program and I think it was wrong it didn’t survive this legislative session. It’s so important to me, in fact, I and the author of the measure, Rep. Jason Nelson, intend to bring it back in 2015 and continue to fight for parental control over their children’s educational future. I believe it’s the right thing to do and important for raising the educational levels of the state of Oklahoma.

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