An Okie heads up:

The National Popular Vote (NPV) is expected to be heard in the Oklahoma House of Representatives’ Elections and Ethics Committee next Wednesday, Feb. 25. The committee meeting is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am. We have heard that National NPV lobbyists, as well as their in-state lobbying team, are at the Capitol every day, pushing the issue.

Here are the members of the committee:

Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, chair –
Rep. Donnie Condit, vice chair –
Rep. Gary Banz –
Rep. David Dank –
Rep. Charlie Joyner –
Rep. David Perryman –
Rep. Michael Rogers –

As we’ve previously mentioned, the National Popular Vote made it all the way to the state Senate floor last year, and passed.

The Okie will continue to monitor this issue.