Inman: House Democratic Caucus Bringing ‘New Yardstick’ To 55th Legislature

Rep. Scott Inman (D-Oklahoma City) said members of the House Democratic Caucus he leads hope to make their core beliefs easy to understand and relevant to Oklahomans during the 55th Legislature.

Speaking to a group of reporters Thursday, Inman referred to the approach as applying a “new yardstick” to policy issues before lawmakers, the same language he used Wednesday at the State Chamber of Oklahoma’s Public Affairs Forum.

Inman said his caucus, which recently held a retreat to discuss the upcoming session, said its agenda will be announced in the coming weeks.

Inman acknowledged his caucus would not be able to advance major proposals. Republicans outnumber Democrats 72 to 29 in the House. Instead, Inman said the caucus had to win the public relations battle.

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