Inhofe to Democratic Francis Supporters: What About Abortion?
By Matthew Fleming

Sen. James M. Inhofe smells something fishy.

Pope Francis is expected to advocate for issues such as immigration and climate change in his address to Congress Thursday, much to the delight of most Democrats. But for all the excitement over issues they agree with, Inhofe said he hasn’t noticed a Democratic rush to adopt some of the Catholic Church’s other, more long-held, policies.

Senate Democrats blocked a bill Tuesday banning abortions beyond 20 weeks and are likely to oppose a continuing resolution that diverts money from Planned Parenthood over an abortion-related controversy. And that has the Oklahoma Republican calling out hypocrisy.

“A lot of the people who are just rejoicing in the pope taking political positions, most of them are liberal,” Inhofe told CQ Roll Call Tuesday. “And most liberals are going to be advocates of global warming. And yet, when you say to them are you pro-life? No? Are you being selective then?”

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