Road & Bridge Contractors ‘Toon In Legislators To Critical Funding Need

In another OKIE exclusive, we have a first look at the latest cartoon from the Association of Oklahoma General Contractor’s “Not Even a Nickel” campaign.

The organization’s goal is simple, protect funds set aside to build and maintain the state’s infrastructure while legislators debate how to solve of state budget crisis.

The sixth in a series of cartoons you’ve likely seen in your Sunday paper features construction workers sitting on a beam holding a sign “will work for 5¢.” The image alludes to the message other media outlets have been reporting in the last few days. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is being forced to suspend current and scheduled state infrastructure projects amid budget uncertainty. If drastic cuts are made to the road program, your road repairs will be delayed, bridges will go unfixed, and cable barriers will have to wait to be installed.

The number of online supporters has been overwhelming and can be seen through comments and shares on AOGC’s Facebook and Twitter.

For more information and to see a map of the bad roads and bridges near you, go to