Former Sen. Coburn announces voter-engagement foundationEnid News & Eagle 
ENID, Okla. — Former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn was welcomed with a standing ovation when he announced the launch of the Foundation to Restore Accountability at the Oakwood Country Club on Tuesday.
“Five or six years ago, in the 2010 election, I worked with Coburn to elect more conservative senators,” said Paul Allen, who organized the event. “I wondered if that’s gone up in smoke. Coburn and this foundation will take a three-pronged approach. It’s not a political gathering as much as it is an American gathering.”
Allen said he hosted the event because America needs to change and engage younger citizens, known as millennials. During his time in office, Coburn was famous for releasing reports about wasteful government spending and earmarks.
“This country has been great to hundreds or thousands of people, if not millions of people,” Coburn said. “But what I see happening to our country is a loss of freedom.”
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