Tulsa residents meet, call for street-fix funding and detailed plan

By ZACK STOYCOFF World Staff Writer

Published: 3/28/2013  2:23 AM

The same two demands surfaced repeatedly Wednesday at a community meeting over proposals to renew Tulsa’s capital improvements funding: streets and specifics.

“I want to know exactly what are you going to spend on streets and I would like a list of projects,” said Peggy Burgess, one of about 45 residents who attended the meeting at Martin Regional Library.

The meeting was organized by Citizens for a Better Vision, a group who opposed the failed Tulsa County Vision2 initiative who say they disapprove of city officials’ method of answering questions during the city’s ongoing series of town hall meetings over the capital improvements program.

People who attend the city-hosted meetings are asked to write their questions on flash cards.

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