Smart meters: AEP-PSO passing cost to customersAARP challenges AEP-PSO bill increase to pay for smart meters
By ROD WALTON World Business Editor

An advocacy group for senior citizens made one last challenge on Thursday to Tulsa-based electrical utility AEP-PSO’s plan to increase bills to pay for installation of smart meters statewide.

American Electric Power-Public Service Co. of Oklahoma is pushing forward both with the rollout of the new technology at virtually every customer’s home and the average $3.11 addition on bills to pay for it. Altogether, the utility will install more than 500,000 meters by the end of 2016.

The three state Corporation Commissioners heard AARP’s challenge on Thursday in Oklahoma City. An administrative law judge already has recommended in AEP-PSO’s favor, while the commission staff and other interveners also agreed to a settlement.

“We say there are opportunities for cost savings on both sides, both us and the customers,” AEP-PSO spokesman Stan Whiteford said after the hearing. “Customers, because of all the information available to make informed decisions” such as the best rates at given times of day, etc.

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