VIDEO: Lamb Releases First 2018 Campaign Ad

Lamb Campaign Unveils First Television Ad;
Primary Election – June 26th

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, February 27, 2018 – Oklahomans for Lamb unveiled today its first television advertisement in support of Republican gubernatorial candidate Todd Lamb. The 30-second ad focuses on Lamb’s experience as a United States Secret Service agent and how those lessons helped shape his approach to leadership. During his USSS career, Lamb not only provided security to two U.S. presidents, but also investigated financial crimes in Oklahoma and across America.

“During my tenure in the United States Secret Service, I was required to not only have a detailed plan, but a contingency plan and a backup contingency plan,” Lamb said. “There was not a day that went by that I did not know exactly what was expected of myself in carrying out my mission, whether it was protection detail or criminal investigation. Today, as a candidate, my RENEW Oklahoma plan is the only detailed plan that does not increase taxes or rely on gimmicks to fund core government services, and it is being warmly embraced throughout the state. When elected governor, I will execute a daily plan to advance Oklahoma across many spectrums, including education, the economy, corrections, public safety, human services and transportation infrastructure.”

Lamb’s RENEW Oklahoma plan focuses on five primary initiatives:

  • Reform Government
  • Education
  • Neighborhoods
  • Economic Growth | Diversification
  • Workforce

Oklahomans interested in learning more about the RENEW Oklahoma plan and the Lamb campaign may visit VoteToddLamb.com, telephone the campaign headquarters at 405.252.4289 or email info@VoteToddLamb.com.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Lamb Releases First 2018 Campaign Ad

  • if you dont mind sir , we as tax payers would like to here this platform on just how you intend to do this ? surly you have a plan in place instead of these few words ? just how will you reform government ? what changes will you try to make ? and what about holding our leaders accountable ? and what of making this state follow the rules in checks and balances? and what of the laws of transparency when it comes to the spending of oklahomas Tax dollars ? and what about Education ? will you just hand them raises and be done with it , without fixing the underline problem within this department ? and I know their are many and no one will touch this issue. because its a scam to oklahoma tax payers wheres the transparency ? and neighborhoods as in ? and what of the corrupt health department ? this should belong to the Feds and be run by them , why is a federal department being managed by the state? this makes absolutely no sense . Economic growth ! by what raising more taxes ? and how do you purpose to do this ? whats your plan exactly? as this state has only federal taxes , state taxes and oil and gas and very few resources , which this state already taxes to death . so tell me sir whats your plan for all these big ideals ? Im listening and so is all of oklahoma , its going to take more then words to persuade oklahoma .

  • T. Russell Hunter

    This ad is super cheesy. And the content of the RENEW plan is just the same old same old political nonsense speech we hear from career politicians who can afford political consultants and ad creators who pander to the average unthinking person.

    So lame.

    For a political ad with substance (that also makes fun of this sort of cheesy nonsense, see Dan Fisher’s “Not a Politician” video)



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