Since The Okie first reported this story Friday, Twitter account @BirdTerrifier deleted his September 1st Tweet revealing Councilman Shadid’s courtship of the atheist vote.   However, The Okie screen captured the Tweet and here it is:


 Additionally, Councilman Shadid deleted his September 23rd Tweet of the photo of himself with children wearing t-shirts that say “penis” or “vagina.”    He also deleted two additional Tweets from this past week that used photos from the same incident.

The group he was posing with is the non profit “Teen emPower.” It should be noted that this groups mission is a good one: “our mission is to prevent adolescents from engaging in high risk behaviors through youth development strategies that promote a healthy and successful transition into adulthood.” Good for them. So why run from the pics by deleting the tweets and photos?

The Okie saved the photo and displays it here in color:


 The Okie will continue to follow this race…