From an Uber Oklahoma email blast this evening:

Since launching less than two years ago, uberX ridesharing has already started to reshape Oklahoma’s transportation ecosystem. Riders are finding a more reliable and affordable way to connect to their communities, and drivers are benefitting from life-changing income opportunities.

Tomorrow, your state senator, Bill Brown, will be part of a committee hearing on the future of services like Uber, and he needs to hear from his constituents. Specifically, they are considering a measure called SB 436, which would threaten ridesharing in Oklahoma. Tell Senator Brown that you support Uber and to vote NO on SB 436.

In 2013, there wasn’t a single law in the United States regulating ridesharing. But by the end of 2014, more than 20 cities and states in the US, including Oklahoma City and Tulsa, had passed new regulatory frameworks to support this rapidly growing transportation alternative. And now, we’re hard at getting Oklahoma added to that list, while making sure the most forward-thinking parts of Oklahoma City’s and Tulsa’s regulations are preserved.

Join us in standing up for innovation, opportunity and consumer choice in Oklahoma — email Senator Brown today!

— Team Uber Oklahoma