This Sunday, the Tulsa World offers a comprehensive preview of the 2013 Oklahoma Legislature. You can read much more on the Tulsa World.

Targeting new laws

Oklahoma legislators will open for business with more than 70 bills filed on gun rights

By Staff Reports
Published: 2/3/2013 6:29 AM

Oklahoma’s 54th Legislature convenes Monday. During the next four months, senators and representatives from across the state will be making laws — or at least trying to — that affect you. The session must end no later than 5 p.m. May 31. Income tax reform, bond issues, workers compensation … all are on the agenda.


More than 70 gun bills have been filed for the next legislative session, including measures to waive the handgun license fee for preschool and elementary school teachers.

Gun control

Proponents say: Just about anybody has the right to carry a gun anywhere, any time, and more than 70 gun bills have been filed to make sure of it. The bills range from waiving the handgun license fee for preschool and elementary school teachers to making it a felony to enforce federal gun laws in Oklahoma. Several bills propose a guns and ammo sales tax holiday similar to (and just after) the one for school supplies. Other bills seek to nullify federal laws dealing with guns near or on school grounds.

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