Arthrell goes creeping

by David Arnett,  Friday, 29 March 2013

Updated: Defeated Tulsa Democrat Dan Arthrell was caught “snooping” in Representative Katie Henke’s capital office – an office he repeatedly tried to win over three recent elections. Henke, a Republican, won in the final battle by over 900 votes.

According to Mike McCarville, Oklahoma political commentator and publisher of the The McCarville Report (TMR), “Wednesday morning, Henke staffers and others noticed Arthrell, a lobbyist, in her office area. He soon disappeared from view and then, the sources say, Rep. Mark McBride spotted Arthrell in Henke’s office taking photographs with his cell phone.

Arthrell exited the office and when confronted [first] denied taking photographs.

“Meanwhile, a Henke staffer called the House sergeant at arms as the conversation between McBride, the staff members and Arthrell grew more heated in the hallway,” McCarville wrote.

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