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OK Corp Commission – PSO Rate Increase Case – Thurs, Dec 18

The case for the base rate increase PSO is requesting for the deployment of Smart (AMI) meters in its network is ready to be voted on by the OCC (Oklahoma Corporation Commission). They will make their decision based on the recommendation of the ALJ (Administrative Law Judge), who recommends permitting PSO to raise our base rates to cover the purchase and deployment of Smart meters. In her recommendation she failed to include public comment regarding health, privacy and safety issues associated with Smart (AMI) meters as well as documents filed with the OCC by Oklahoma citizens regarding this case.

If the OCC votes on the base rate increase, based solely on the recommendation of one judge with no consideration of public opinion, the monopolies that are our utility providers will gain permission to raise our rates to pay for their investment (the purchase of the Smart Meters), forcing customers to have a meter placed on their home or business with no option to refuse. We must stand up and oppose the ALJ’s recommendations. Let’s not forget, due to EPA regulations regarding Regional Haze, our utility bills will rise by a minimum of 11%, with most anticipating upwards of 20% in 2015.

YOU ARE NEEDED to attend the Public Hearing set for Dec. the 18th for any person adversely affected by the report of the Administrative Law Judge for the PSO Base Rate increase. Exceptions have been filed with the Judge and will go before the Commissioners on Jan. 18

Public Hearings include public comment. We need as many people to attend the hearing whether you intend to speak or not. Numbers count and speak louder than words when you are trying to influence a public officials.

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