Police chief defends compliance checks at Councilor Blake Ewing’s businesses

BY KEVIN CANFIELD World Staff Writer

Monday, February 18, 2013

On the Tulsa World: Document: Read Police Chief Chuck Jordan’s response

Police Chief Chuck Jordan on Monday defended his department’s handling of routine compliance checks on downtown restaurants Jan. 31 and challenged City Councilor Blake Ewing’s assertion that his businesses were targeted.

“The checks on Jan. 31 were conducted without regard to business ownership as are all checks,” Jordan said in a statement. “Officers should never be required to consider who owns an establishment before deciding whether or not to perform compliance checks.”

Jordan said the compliance initiative began in October 2012 and that more than 200 checks had been conducted citywide prior to Jan. 31.

“Checks have been done in nearly every part of the city, and they will continue to be done citywide,” Jordan said.

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