Statement from TC Ryan to The Okie via OKGOP Chairman Randy Brogdon…

News of an unfortunate past experience I was a part of has recently resurfaced.

On one occasion I was involved in a domestic altercation that resulted in my admission of guilt to two misdemeanor charges. I regret both the circumstances that led to the incident and the fact that the incident occurred. This will forever be a mark on my past.

Since that incident, I have fulfilled all legal requirements and resolved to move forward in a positive and constructive manner. I have grown from this error and I fully believe that physical violence is wrong under all circumstances.

I offer my sincere apologies to all involved in the incident and to those that doubt my ability to function as a part of the staff at the Oklahoma Republican Party; I promise that a single past action is not an indicator of who I am today. I am grateful that Chairman Brogdon has shown grace and patience with me; he knows my heart and I am grateful for his acceptance of me.

I humbly look forward to continuing service on behalf of the Oklahoma Republican Party and acknowledge the trust placed in me; I recognize that some believe I do not deserve it; It is your prayers and support that I ask for as I continue to grow as a person and move beyond my past action.


T.C. Ryan