Oklahoma shouldn’t let political status quo hold us back
By Kevin Stitt

Recently a loose association of business and community leaders asked our state to enact a plan — Step Up Oklahoma — which, in part, includes tax increases. I believe that asking Oklahomans to shoulder new tax increases now is the wrong approach.

Consider what is happening at the national level where President Trump signed a tax cut package to feed momentum in our national economy. This growth is delivering higher wages, more jobs, and making America more competitive in a global economy.

I’m excited about the steady gain that is also taking shape for Oklahoma’s economy, and I’m concerned this has not been given due consideration as the state Capitol looks to pass a $800 million tax package to kick off 2018.

Consider, financial numbers released Jan. 8 indicate that state revenues are growing. Revenue exceeded estimates by more than $25 million in both November and December, and that was before oil was at $63 a barrel. With six months to go in the fiscal year, the budget hole is fixing itself through economic growth. Which means the current tax package, if passed, could become an excess to grow a mismanaged government.

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