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SoonerPoll: Scott Walker Wins Among Okies At SRLC & 5 Other Take-Aways

Ben Carson wins 2015 Southern Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll
from SoonerPoll.com
May 25, 2015

Top Finishers in the 2015 SRLC Conference Straw Poll
1. Ben Carson     25.4%
2. Scott Walker     20.5%
3. Ted Cruz     16.6%
4. Chris Christie     5.3%
5. Rick Perry     5.0%

Key Take-aways:

  1. Oklahomans, who made up the largest contingent of attendees, narrowly selected Gov. Scott Walker at their first choice overall, but Carson was able to overcome and win with supporters from other southern states who attended.
  2. Ben Carson led among attendees from Texas, beating out Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.
  3. A plurality, 46 percent, believed national security issues was the most important issues facing the United States today, following by economic issues at 40 percent and social issues at 14 percent.
  4. Those believing economic issues were most important favored Scott Walker; those believing social issues were most important favored Ben Carson.
  5. Self-identified Tea Party supporters, who made up 42 percent of attendees, favored Ted Cruz, while self-identified Libertarians, who made up only 14 percent, favored Rand Paul, who finished 7th overall.
  6. 58 percent of attendees were either members of the National Rifle Association or the Gun Owners of America, or identified with either organization.  Ted Cruz narrowly edged out Scott Walker among these attendees.

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