‘Save Our State’ Coalition Advocates For Budget Fixes Through Higher Income, Energy Taxes

Save Our State Coalition announces Oklahoma budget wish list
by Dale Denwalt

A coalition of 20 organizations on Tuesday presented its Oklahoma budget wish list, which includes familiar ideas to raise revenue.

The Save Our State Coalition proposed raising the tax rate on oil and gas production to 7 percent, up from the current 2 percent rate that lasts for the first three years. The group’s “Blueprint for a Better Budget” also would create a new income tax rate of 6 percent for income above $200,000.

The group’s first news conference was Tuesday, where several high-profile state Capitol advocates and other groups presented the plan. Leaders of the Save Our State Coalition include policy groups, grassroots organizations and groups representing teachers and state employees.

The plan resembles House Democrats’ “Restoring Oklahoma” offering, but the two aren’t identical. The Democrats are asking for a gross production tax rate of 5 percent and would implement a steeper tax curve, raising the top income tax rate to 7 percent.

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