August 19, 2014

Lt. Col. Steve Russell, GOP Candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, is proud to announce the endorsement of 20 conservative members of the Oklahoma Legislature.

State Senators Endorsing Steve Russell for Congress: Patrick Anderson, Josh Brecheen, Mark Allen, Nathan Dahm, Cliff Aldridge and former Senator Jim Reynolds.

State Representatives Endorsing Steve Russell for Congress: Dan Fisher, Paul Wesselhoft, David Brumbaugh, John Bennett, John Enns, Bob Cleveland, Josh Cockroft, Mike Reynolds, Sally Kern, Aaron Stiles, Gus Blackwell, Jon Echols, State Rep-Elect Kevin Calvey, State Rep & Senator-Elect Marty Quinn.

Sen. Patrick Anderson, who served with Steve Russell in the State Senate, says, “During his time in the State Senate, Steve Russell served our state with honor and distinction. He was direct, honest, and diligent as a State Senator. Steve Russell proved to be a hard worker. He was there on a daily basis. He studied the issues. He asked the tough questions. And most importantly, he stuck to his core conservative principles and biblical values.”

“Steve Russell was one of the most prepared, truly principled conservative senators I served with,” says Jim Reynolds. “He was a man of the highest principles who treated all others with the utmost respect. He ran as a conservative, and more importantly he fought for the conservative principles from his first day on the Senate floor until the day he left. I am fully supporting Steve in his race for U.S. Congress.”

Steve Russell says he is honored to be recognized by his former colleagues.

“They were in the trenches with me every day,” says Russell. “They know how hard we fought to make positive changes in Oklahoma and how ludicrous my opponent’s allegations are about my time in the State Senate. I’m proud of my accomplishments in the legislature and it’s great to see my conservative colleagues have my back.”