Rally of Appreciation Planned for Bridenstine

From the Tulsa 912 Eventbrite page:

Bring your signs! Bring your family!  Invite your friends to join us in a “Rally of Appreciation” for Congressman Jim Bridenstine.  Let’s join together to tell Oklahoma’s most conservative Congressman that we appreciate the job he is doing, and encourage him to continue being a light in the dakness.

Let’s thank Congressman Jim Bridenstine for his fearlessness, courage and boldness to represent not just his constituency but the entire state of Oklahoma.

Since being elected as Oklahoma’s District 1 Congressman, Jim Bridenstine has served his constituents and the state of Oklahoma well, taking the hard and often unpopular stand to stand up for what’s right.

People across the state of Oklahoma are fiercely proud of Bridenstine; his leadership qualities, integrity and voting record reflect that Bridenstine is a man of honor.

Whether it is challenging party leadership, his refusal to follow the status quo, his determination to always speak the truth, Oklahomans recognize Congressman Bridenstine as a dependable, stalwart, honorable man who is led by God, his conscience, and the Constitution.

Let’s say “THANK YOU – we’ve got your back!!”

Family event – National and local speakers, Oklahoma Grassroots activists, Music and More!!

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