Tulsa World editorial: Matt Pinnell is a promising young leader who deserves the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor
We see bigger positions in his future
By Tulsa World’s Editorial Writers

Oklahoma could use more young politicians like Matt Pinnell.

Pinnell, 38, is a charismatic young leader and entrepreneur from Tulsa who is committed to public service, loves his native state and wants to make it a better place to live.

The Republican Party has two other strong candidates for lieutenant governor, which is a bit surprising since it’s a position with little responsibility outside of those assigned by the governor, rarely controversial jobs promoting tourism and executive leadership when the governor is gone.

Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy is smart and brings diverse experience to the table. Her time in office has shown that she is able to understand complex issues and get along with challenging conditions.

State Sen. Eddie Fields beats the field in real political experience and know-how. If public policy issues of current interest — education funding and taxation — were the only factors, he would get our nod.

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