In praise of Tom Coburn and his dogged rebuttal to President Obama

By Liz Peek

Published March 11, 2013

Video Interview w Dr. Coburn Available at

Here’s the good news about the sequester: it prompts the country to take a long hard look at where our tax dollars go. Democrats oppose the mandated budget cuts because of their likely impact on cherished programs like Head Start; they should fear them because of the waste and foolishness voters are likely to uncover. The last time Americans looked under the hood of the federal engine, the Tea Party was born and Democrats lost control of the House.

That was in 2009, when the Obama administration embarked on its $800 billion stimulus program. It was a bleak time for the country, with soaring unemployment and swooning house prices; we needed a few chuckles, and found plenty in the stimulus reports. Who can forget the nearly $2 million spent photographing thousands of ant species in the Southwest Indian Ocean Islands? Or the $700,000 spent by scientists trying to create a joke machine?

Today, the joke is on U.S. taxpayers, who are being told by President Obama that even minor reductions in spending will bring the country to its knees.

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