State chairman’s resignation will allow Oklahoma GOP to start over
by The Oklahoman Editorial Board

WITH Randy Brogdon’s brief and tumultuous time as Oklahoma Republican Party chairman coming to a close, the party needs to look for a leader who can appeal to a broader spectrum of

Brogdon announced last week that he would be stepping down and called for a State Committee Meeting to be held Saturday in Tulsa to select a new chairman. The move surprised many, but it stands to benefit the party.

Brogdon is a hard-right Republican who embraced the tea party movement when it swept across the country in 2009. Some would call him extreme — indeed in an interview in 2010, Brogdon said he supported creation of a state militia to protect Oklahoma against an overreaching federal government (he later softened that

Brogdon once criticized the Pledge of Allegiance’s reference to the United States being “one nation” and “indivisible.” He wrote on Facebook, “Our nation is made up of 50 ‘divisible’ sovereign states …”

Earlier this year, Brogdon said Oklahoma should simply ignore the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision and outlaw all forms of abortion. “Are the Supreme Court justices going to come down to Oklahoma and make us stop?” he said.

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