Dear Editor,

I applaud our state representatives for rejecting legislation that would have blocked everyday law-abiding citizens’ affordable access to cold and allergy medicines containing pseudoephedrine. Not long ago, state legislators were considering implementing burdensome legislation that would have required a doctor’s prescription for over-the-counter cold and allergy medicines that many Oklahomans, myself included, depend on. This requirement would have necessitated a doctor’s co-pay for each appointment, ultimately leading to a massive increase in the cost of these safe, common, and vital medicines. Furthermore, such a requirement would also have increased the number of doctor visits and thereby strained the demands on Oklahoma’s medical system.

As someone who depends on cold and allergy medicine to survive Oklahoma’ allergy season, I believe that it is instrumental that the state continue to protect the rights of consumers that legally use these medicines. The state legislature’s decision to spurn a prescription requirement represents a key victory for all Oklahomans.


Carmen Johnson

Oklahoma City, OK