36 Top State Republican Party Attorneys Sign Letter Supporting Judge Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS
by NEIL W. MCCABE, Breitbart.com

The senior lawyer for the Oklahoma Republican Party organized 35 of his colleagues to join him in signing a letter to Sen. Charles Grassley (R.-Iowa), the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, supporting President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.

Anthony J. Ferate, the Oklahoma GOP’s general counsel, said it is important that a Supreme Court justice knows where the role of a judge ends and the role of Congress begins.

@AJFerate:  As an attorney that learned Separation of Powers directly from Justice Scalia, Gorsuch is a perfect choice. #ConfirmGorsuch
7:20 PM – 31 Jan 2017

“Judges risk becoming unelected legislators when they do not utilize the restraint essential to service in the Judiciary,” Ferate said.

“There should be no such reservation about Judge Gorsuch, and the attorneys signing the letter feel strongly about saying that,” he said.

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