OKGOP Chairman Randy Brogdon sent the following email to supporters and part regulars on Thursday.

Fellow Republican,

I am excited to have the opportunity to serve you as the new State GOP Chairman. I am committed to grow the party, both in numbers and finances.

On my first day on the job I found we were upside down on the balance sheet. Simply stated we had more bills to pay than money in the bank.

I have made immediate changes that are rather drastic but necessary to help improve the cash flow. Unfortunately I have had to lay off the entire paid OKGOP staff. We are all volunteers at the GOP headquarters, including myself and will remain so until the finances are stable once again.

I am thankful for all of the volunteers who are helping us keep the office open during this time. But I still need your help to get us back in the black.

That’s why I am asking you today to partner with me today in supporting the OKGOP. I’m asking all delegates, elected officials, and party activists to immediately join the Minute Man Club. For a minimal investment of $8.25 per month you can become a Minute Man and help the OKGOP grow stronger than ever.

Please also consider joining the Elephant Club. Membership levels are Gold-$5,000, Silver-$2,500 and Bronze-$1,000. With your generous gift as an Elephant Club member and a Minute Man, you can be a partner to help us not only pay off our debt, but help us lay down the groundwork as we enter the 2016 election year.

Now is the time for all of us to join together as Republicans and bring our finances back in the black. Please click here to give today your monthly support of $8.25, $25, or more.

Below I have included an email I received from the Bryan County Republican Party. They are issuing a challenge for every county party to meet or exceed their donation. I am excited to see Republicans already rallying to help each other! Thank you in advance for your support and your contribution.

Thank you and God Bless,

Randy Brodgon

Chairman, Oklahoma Republican Party

From: bryancountygop@yahoo.com
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 03:15:31 +0000
Subject:We Commit to the OKGOP

Dear OKGOP County Leaders:

The Bryan County GOP Central Committee has voted unanimously to support the Party and Principles of the OKGOP by donating immediately $1,000 to the OKGOP State Party, and to issue a challenge to every other OKGOP County Central Committee and/or county members to match our donation — or try to beat us — by May 1st!

We are issuing a challenge to every other small county to equal our donation, and to the large counties with majority GOP registration in their county to commit to $2,500 in support of the OKGOP.

$1,000 is a large donation for us as a rural county here in Little Dixie, but WE COMMIT to the OKGOP, and we will work this year to replace that money for our county, and to continue sending money to the OKGOP until we reach the same $2,500 donation challenge we are issuing to the large counties.

If we can help our State GOP from here in S.E. Oklahoma’s Little Dixie – you can too!

Will you and your county party commit to do the same? Will you stand with us and commit $1,000 from your county party or members in support of our great, Grand Old Party, and show that we are ready for 2016 NOW?

We’ve asked the OKGOP to track the funds coming in per county party, so let’s all work together to get the Party on the RIGHT path for 2016 by answering our challenge – and showing that YOU COMMIT to the OKGOP too!

Looking forward to standing with you all in unity for our Party,

Bryan County GOP

Chair: Don Krumme

Vice Chair: Holly Gerard
P.S. We also have 5 OKGOP Minutemen signed up to support our State Party – has your county added five to your total yet? Please encourage your members to sign up here: http://www.okgop.com/minuteman-2/