For Immediate Release: 2 March 2016

Republican Primary Sets New State Record, GOP Nomination Race Continues

(Oklahoma City)—Oklahoma Republicans continued their expansion among state voters in Tuesday’s Presidential Preference Primary with an impressive, record-breaking turnout of approximately 460,000 votes. The turnout breaks a previous vote record set by Democrats in the 2008 presidential primary.

Despite the inclusion of Independent voters in yesterday’s Democrat primary, the party’s turnout was an anemic 334,000, further demonstrating the move of Oklahoma voters toward the Republican Party.

Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Pam Pollard detailed, “The results in the Oklahoma primary are proof that a strong, grassroots campaign is still essential to presidential politics. Sen. Cruz’s victory demonstrated an effective ground operation.”

The historic turnout in yesterday’s GOP primary was presaged by strong voter registration trends toward the Republican Party in the weeks leading up to the primary.

Pollard continued, “Since January 15th of this month, the Oklahoma Republican Party added nearly 20,000 new voters to our party rolls. That’s compared to a mere 5,000 for Democrats. It’s clear that Oklahoma voters continue to be concerned about the direction of our nation and are putting their trust in Republicans to lead them to real solutions.”

After the primary’s full votes were tallied, Sen. Ted Cruz earned 15 delegates to the Republican National Convention while Donald Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio both earned 13.

The party will soon begin preparing for the state and congressional district conventions in which delegates to the National Convention will be selected.