Wallace Collins wins re-election as Oklahoma Democratic Party chairman

By Michael McNutt | Published: May 19, 2013

Oklahoma Democrats chose Saturday to give their party chairman another two-year stint in office instead of selecting a state senator who promised she would bring diversity to the party.

Wallace Collins, a former state representative from Norman, won a hotly contested race, defeating Sen. Constance Johnson, D-Forest Park. The vote was 326-214.

“It was kind of a dogfight and I kind of expected that,” Collins said after the votes were tallied. “For me to win out over a sitting senator as popular as she is … was a terrific victory. The party wants to have continuity.”

After losing her bid for chairman, Johnson made a bid for vice chairman. Incumbent Dana Orwig won re-election, 282-217. Wallace and Orwig, elected to their posts in 2011, ran as a team.

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