Oklahoma County’s shocking — or at least surprising — vote results
by Chris Casteel, NewsOK.com

Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb, who is expected to run for governor in four years, had a good night on Tuesday. He won every county and had a better winning percentage (68.5) than any other Republican on the statewide ballot.

Pat McFerron, Republican pollster, consultant and expert on nuts-and-bolts campaign stuff, said that could be because Sens. Jim Inhofe and Senator-elect James Lankford had Independents running against them along with their Democratic opponents

Here’s what’s interesting — fascinating really if you’re a political junkie with some sense of Oklahoma’s traditional voting patterns and alignments:

McFerron charted Lamb’s results in all 77 counties and found that the gubernatorial hopeful did better in some southeastern Oklahoma counties — an area once known as Little Dixie — than in Oklahoma County, the state’s most populous and one that used to be among the safest for Republicans.

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