The Little-Known Officials on Whom Trump’s Agenda May Rely

WASHINGTON — By most accounts, the Trump administration is running behind many of its predecessors in filling out its ranks. Under secretaries still need confirmation, staff members need to be hired and advisers named.

And yet, across the federal government, the middle tiers of the executive branch’s agencies, departments and White House offices — the people who will ultimately shape President Trump’s agenda — are beginning to come to life.

Here are a few of the less-than-boldface names among them who are likely to play an outsize role in accomplishing Mr. Trump’s highest-priority items.

Ryan T. Jackson, Chief of staff to the Environmental Protection Agency administrator

Since he started in politics at 18, Ryan T. Jackson had more or less worked for one man: James M. Inhofe, the powerful Oklahoma Republican who is one of the Senate’s most ardent skeptics of climate change.

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