The survey, conducted Jan. 2015 with 500 registered voters, indicates 64% favor “educational choice, which is giving parents the right to use the tax dollars associated with the education of their children to send their children to the public or private school of their choice”.

The Tarrance Group, run by Ed Goeas, is the pollster for U.S. Sen. James Lankford, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

These new findings match up closely with consistent public opinion results in Oklahoma on the subject of parental choice in education:

  • A SoonerPoll survey from Jan. 2015 indicating support of 53%, 62%, 63% and 55% on four different parental educational choice options (pg. 4-5) (link)
  • Another Tarrance Group survey, this from June 2014, showing strong support among Oklahoma Republican primary voters for parental educational choice (link)
  • A Dec. 2013 survey indicating, again, strong support among Oklahoma voters for parental educational choice programs — 59%, 63%, 56% (link)

The slides below were provided to The Okie.


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