October 15, 2014

Lt. Col. Steve Russell, GOP Candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, is proud to announce the endorsement and support of 2010 5th District Democrat nominee, Billy Coyle. This is the first time a former Democrat nominee has ever endorsed a current Republican nominee for the 5th District seat.

“Supporting Steve Russell for Congress was an easy decision,” says Billy Coyle. “I, like many Americans, believe this country is in need of some real leadership and I believe Steve will truly put politics aside to make the right decisions. Steve has shown, while he was a State Senator, he approaches all decisions with a constitutional approach while making sure his decisions are financially sound.”

Steve Russell says he is honored by the endorsement and welcomes all Democrats to join his campaign.

“This race transcends party lines,” says Russell. “Our nation is in peril and Oklahomans, regardless of party affiliation, understand the need to steer our country in the right direction. I hope Billy Coyle will inspire those who supported him in 2010 to join us in our fight against a federal government overstepping the Constitution.

Billy Coyle has also taped a TV commercial with Labor Commissioner, Mark Costello, announcing their mutual support of Steve Russell. The ad should begin airing in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, October 15th.

“Putting aside politics and making sound decisions should qualify him for the support of all,” says Coyle. “I believe Oklahomans want a leader who can reject the pressure of Washington. Steve is uniquely qualified to represent Oklahoma. He has my support and I ask all Oklahomans to vote for Steve Russell.”