MUST READ: Oklahoman: OEA Targets Its Republican Legislative Allies

OEA targets its Republican legislative allies

THIS year, at the Oklahoma Education Association’s urging, most Republican legislators approved roughly $600 million in tax increases and provided an average $6,100 raise per teacher while boosting the school appropriation almost 20 percent. If Republicans thought those actions, which broke campaign promises for many, would win OEA support, they’re learning otherwise now.

The OEA has released a list of teacher-affiliated candidate to bolster support for those individuals.

Reps. Greg Babinec, R-Cushing, and Scooter Park, R-Devol, both voted for tax increases and increased school funding. Both were ousted in primaries last week by OEA-touted opponents. Apparently, toeing the OEA line isn’t enough to avoid being considered “anti-education.”

Rep. Mark McBride, R-Moore, voted for tax increases. In April, he attended a town hall on education. In opening remarks at the event, Amanda Ewing, chief lobbyist for the OEA, introduced McBride and another lawmaker as “public education advocates.” Now the OEA is touting the candidacy of a Democrat working to defeat McBride in November.

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