Rep. Glen Mulready and Sen. Kim David: New model for Medicaid management promises big savings, better results

During the 2015 session, House Bill 1566 was passed with the strong support of the Oklahoma Legislature. This law directed the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to solicit a request for proposals for different care coordination models to serve Oklahoma’s aged, blind or disabled population.

The current fee-for-service Medicaid model costs the state of Oklahoma $2.4 billion a year, and nearly everyone agrees that is unsustainable. In that cost, the aged, blind and disabled population accounts for 47 percent of spending, but they only represent 16 percent of Medicaid patients.

In this time of budget instability and a historic deficit, we as legislators must take on the difficult task of looking at all ways possible to be fiscally responsible. The time is now for us to move Oklahoma forward by better managing the health of this fragile population, while also improving health outcomes. The most recent rankings showing Oklahoma now 50th in health care outcomes, we respectfully suggest the time has come to address this critical issue and change the direction and future sustainability of health care in Oklahoma.

Immediately after the legislative session last year the healthcare authority requested information on best practices and solutions to improve health outcomes and budget stability for the aged, blind and disabled population.

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