Brogdon takes over OKGOP amid financial issues

“I called Pam Pollard yesterday and demanded a recount!”

That’s what new OKGOP Chairman Randy Brogdon joked with Reid Mullins in an interview for the McCarville Report. Brogdon defeated Pollard in a runoff at the State Convention on April 11th, after incumbent chair Dave Weston came in third in the first ballot of voting.

Although the impression given during the chair race was that the party was doing well financially, Brogdon has taken over an organization in fiscal straits — to the tune of approximately $50,000 in debt. Prominent Oklahoma City-based Republican fundraiser Trey Richardson has joined the effort to get the party back in black, along with financial contributions from Oklahoma’s congressional delegation.

In his interview with Reid Mullins, Brogdon said that he has had to let the entire staff go, and operate temporarily with unpaid volunteers (he included himself in the “unpaid” category).

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